Shells Seafood Restaurant, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

Shells Seafood Restaurant, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

Len and I have eaten at Shells Seafood Restaurant dozens of times over the years. The one we normally choose is located in the Travelodge on St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

We have always had great food and good service but remember the time we had a small table right next to the stairs leading up to the server’s station. The servers rushing around continually bumped Len’s chair and it really did spoil our romantic evening. A few months later one of the Managers read a review I had written about our experience and gave us an evening to remember.

So as we were staying in the Travelodge this past couple of nights we decided to treat Len’s sister and her husband to a meal there. We had walked about 8 miles that day and were hungry so entered the restaurant around 5.15 p.m.

Shells Seafood RestaurantWe were seated immediately at a booth. The restaurant, on a Monday night, was very quiet.

Mark was our server and came over with menus and the early bird specials too. This is the first time I had seen them. They are available from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

I chose the specialty, Shrimp Pasta, which is wonderful. It is cooked in white wine with garlic and olive oil. Len sister ordered the same and we both chose the lobster bisque. Len asked for the Shrimp Paste with Cajun spices and he had the clam chowder. Sue’s husband decided on the Fried Shrimp with French fries, coleslaw and the lobster bisque. With the special coffee, tea, or soda was included.

Mark asked us if we would like the appetizer of a shrimp, crab, jack cheese dip with cheese. It looked great on the menu so we had that too.

Our drinks came out almost immediately, 2 sodas a regular and decaffeinated coffee.

Our server brought out the appetizer, soups, and a basket of bread within minutes. The dip was excellent and we all enjoyed it. I have had the clam chowder before and know how good it is. They excelled with the lobster bisque.

While we were eating Mark came back with 2 more glasses of soda for the guys and mugs of coffee for us ladies. I hadn’t even finished my first one.

I was just about finishing my soup when our entrees arrived. The 3 Shrimp Pasta were in fairly small bowls and had 5 or 6 shrimp on the top of them. The fried shrimp platter was huge. There were 12 large shrimp, and the rest of the plate was covered with fries and a dish of coleslaw. Len looked at the size of his meal and then checked for shrimp. I knew that he should have ordered off the regular menu.

Apart from Len we were delighted with the meals we had chosen. Len picked out the shrimp and that was it. Sue and I only ate our shrimp and a little pasta, as we were already full. Her husband managed his shrimp. While we were eating these Mark came back with another basket of hot rolls fresh out of the oven and also 2 more mugs of coffee.

Mark came back to check on us and looked at Len’s plate. He asked how our entrees had been and Len said that he was disappointed with his. I explained to the server that Len had ordered the wrong meal.

Can you believe that he took it off our check? I told him that I wanted to pay for it. The early bird specials only ran $8.99 and $9.99, which was excellent value. He insisted that if Len wasn’t 100% happy with the meal then he would not pay for it.

We were so impressed with the service that we left him a 30% tip, and I told him that we would be coming back in 2 weeks time, when we have our yearly timeshare at Treasure Island beach just up the road.

Shells also has chicken, steak, and cheeseburgers on the menu as well as all the wonderful seafood items. This is a bright colorful restaurant that is clean and caters for friends, families, and parties too. I highly recommend it.

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